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Item 970204, Super bright fluorescent ink highlighter.
Super bright fluorescent ink highlighter.
Bic Corporation
Model: BLP51W | SKU: 970204
Sold in multiples of 6 /  $5.49 PKG.
Item 970217, Glowline pen style highlighter sticks.
Glowline pen style highlighter sticks.
Kittrich Corp Stationery
Model: HS07-LPCB04-48-E | SKU: 970217
Sold in multiples of 12 /  $1.99 EACH.
Item 972175, Fluorescent yellow highlighter 2-pack.
Fluorescent yellow highlighter 2-pack.
Bic Corporation
Model: GBLP21 | SKU: 972175
$2.49  PKG

UPS Special Handling

Large Package Surcharge

A Large Package Surcharge of $40 will be applied to all domestic UPS Ground packages when the size of the package exceeds 130 inches in length and girth combined.

Your UPS domestic or UPS Standard to Canada package is considered a Large Package when its length, combined with twice the width plus twice the height, exceeds 130 inches and is equal to or less than 165 inches. 40 + (30 * 2) + (30 * 2) = 160

Large Packages are subject to a minimum billable weight of 90 pounds.

Oversize 1-3 is currently being phased out of UPS. Anything marked as oversize 3 will automatically add the large package surcharge.

Additional Handling (additional fees will apply for air shipment) $5.00

3 Records Found